Research Team

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  • Mr. Yuval Porat
  • Mr. Gal Lin 
  • Ms. Yael Stern  
  • Ms. Ester Asherof
  • Mr. Alex Karpman 

We cannot sufficiently express our gratitude and appreciation to the following people:

We would like to thank Professor Shalom Schwartz, who graciously contributed of his immense expertise and experience.

We would like to thank the following professionals and experts, each in his/her field, who greatly contributed from their knowledge and capabilities:
  • Dr. Gila Melech
  • Prof. Ilay Alon
  • Mr. Mano Geva
  • Dr. Roy Stern
  • Mr. Roni Tiargan Orr
  • Mr. Uri Barnea
  • Dr. Thamar Gindin-Eilam
  • Mr. Omer Cohen
  • Dr. Ori Goldberg

We would like to thank the following people who generously granted us the ability to conduct the research:
  • Dr. Liza Ireni-Saban
  • Mr. Moti Sasson
  • Mr. Nati Lerner
  • Mr. Oren Magen
  • Mr. Yoav Zilberstein
  • Mr. Yosi Yehudia